Week One: Fruit and Veggies ROCK

I stopped my daily updates because I got tired of complaining about *my dieting partner*.

He got better. I changed his food up a little bit AND he liked some of the things I made later in the week better.

We kind of made a bad choice for Mother’s Day Dinner (PASTA) because we were trying to please our hungry picky kids. I’m thinking eating out is going to become a thing of the past unless we can find a babysitter.

Coming up this week:

Recipes for the meals we ate last week. I’ve decided to post the recipes on my food blog since this is going to be a lifestyle change. Go to The Rookie Foodie for the recipes.
Our skin care routine.
Beginning exercise!!

So…results for week one.


Starting weight: 215
Week One : 212
Lost: 3 pounds

*also….One week without taking a acid reducer, sleeping better and more alert at work.


Starting weight: 208.6
Week One : 207
LOST: 1.6 pounds

*Also….one week without taking an acid reducer, sleeping 7 hours a night without waking up, more energy. AND this was TOM week!

Yes, you read that correctly. I LOST WEIGHT DURING TOM!