kathyHi, This is Kathy. I run the blog Fat2fitmommy.com and try to provide reviews and information and bits from my experience in my journey to weight loss. I am also a certified nutritionist.

I love the combination of burst cardio and strength training. I really loved the challenges of cardio but overtime I realized cardio isn’t the best method for weight loss for my particular case. Read more here and why a combination of resistance training and cardio is best for weight loss for most women. I also love the workouts that are suitable for a wide range of fitness levels.

I also review weight loss supplements here. Overall, cardio, resistance training and supplements like Phen375 have helped me get my perfect body. I don’t feel self-conscious in a bikini. My overall strength has improved greatly, so that everyday tasks like carrying my kids and groceries are so much easier now. I can even do 50 pushups in a row!

I like the feeling of being a fit person, without a lot of extra flab. By taking control and feeling good about the results in this area of my life, I’ve also increased my confidence to do more in other areas!

Hope you enjoy the articles on this website.

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