34 Day Challenge

I’ve issued a challenge to myself that will last 34 days….from my daughter’s 4th Birthday until my son’s 5th Birthday.


No Sugar
Limit Processed Foods
No Booze
No Fast Food (Subway…is the exception)

View my food diary HERE!


Every Single Day

I currently hold a membership to Bally Total Fitness. IF I don’t drive my happy ass to the gym at 5:30am, then I am required to do one of the following:

A workout program on DVD/AppleTV/YouTube
Walk around the lake next to my apartment
Chase my children around a park for 30 minutes
Squats, Lunges, Sit-ups, Push-ups and Lift Weights in my apartment

Note to my husband: SEX does not count as exercise.
Note to TOM(time of the month): FUCK OFF!
Note to Self: NO EXCUSES!!

Start Weight: 208.6
March 24th: 205.2 -3.2 pounds
March 31st: 205 -.2 pounds
April 7th:
April 14th:
April 20th

POUNDS LOST: 3.4 pounds