A comprehensive review of Probioslim – Is it the best probiotic for digestion, weight loss & anti-viral immunity?

The price of one bottle of ProBioslim is $69.99 but consumers who join the ‘VIP’ program are entitled to mark down costs.

ProbioSlim is among the most resistant and efficacious forms of probiotics, offering a superior combination of LactoSpore, a unique spore forming formula in addition to more generally known weight control ingredients like green tea leaf extract, caffeine and fruit infusions, all these things together along with a reduced calorie diet, helping to cultivate better digestion, increased energy, fat burning and finally weight loss.

By signing to the ProbioSlim trial offer you may initially be billed $4.99 to cover the price of postage and packaging, which for a beginning means that the trial is not free.

Pro Bio Slim features no common ingredients because according to reviews on Probioslim this product features an original blend of digestive support and weight control ingredients which are found in each supplement.

Caffeine is a stimulant, which means that people may become dependent on taking it. Caffeine withdrawal symptoms happen to be carefully analyzed; a review from 2004 analyzed these symptoms, contemplating 57 different studies, and came to the decision that there was a direct correlation between excessive caffeine ingestion and head aches, irritability, inability to sleep, depression and inability to think clearly, amongst other symptoms.

ProbioSlim is among the most resistant and efficacious forms of probiotics, offering a superior combination of LactoSpore, a unique spore forming formula in addition to more generally known weight control ingredients like green tea leaf extract, caffeine and fruit infusions, all these things together along with a reduced calorie diet, helping to cultivate better digestion, increased energy, fat burning and finally weight loss.

Probioslim does enable customers to try their merchandise before purchasing it by offering a free trial version for just a modest shipping and handling fee. While the greatest – and most total – variety of gains will be found if you continue to take ProbioSlim for no less than three months, there are some advantages that can be seen and felt within just a couple of days. The recommended dose is one ProbioSlim capsule each morning before breakfast, and another before lunch.

It has shown in clinical trials some remarkable properties which include**:

  • Proteolytic activity (breaks down protein)
  • Anti-tumoral capability (Reduces tumor size).
  • Antiviral capabilities (Kicks virus’s asses)
  • Anti-retroviral activity as demonstrated against: the Rauscher virus, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and the T-lymphotrophic virus.
  • The strain can easily survive in the human digestive system, unlike other probiotics that crumble and die because of the intense stomach acids.

ProbioSlim Reviews:- Enhancing The Digestive System

A fast warning before we go any further: we have had a lot of consumer reports saying the Probioslim merchandise auto-enrols you in into a recurring billing arrangement. The makers of Probioslim are Nutraclick, a Cambridge, Massachusetts based firm founded in 2009 which has allegedly grown from a four worker firm with just one product into a 200 worker firm with a variety of nutritional supplement-established products. The merchandise seems to be exceptional when you read what on the ProbioSlim web site. I am able to get a routine probiotic for the digestive system w/ caffeine and high cost!

If you’ve got experience with the corporation or their products, please make your ProbioSlim reviews below. From the trial offer, ProbioSlim comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling charges.

On the other hand, most criticisms seemed to reference failure to work and issues with the trial (generally that they were unaware they had be registered in an autoship program). You may also locate the nutritional supplement at such online stores like Amazon, GNC or Walmart where it costs about $70. I phoned them about it they could care less And no their merchandise will not work. ProbioSlim is among the most famous probiotic nutritional supplements available now and for great reason.

While there are many probiotic nutritional supplements available for purchase, this one makes efforts to get noticed from your bunch. Claiming one form of probiotic is “better” than another is a bit disengenuous, because the advantages of probiotics are stress-specific. Get our free how to guides, suggestions & reviews that can help you become an educated consumer.

There aren’t any stimulants (caffeine) found in Probioslim Advanced, so customers will not feel the caffeine jitters that some customers have experienced while taking Probioslim.

Additionally they say that ProbioSlim includes ‘Groundbreaking Probiotics and Prebiotics’ and ‘Radical Fat Loss Fixings’, which collectively make a ‘safe, powerful nutritional supplement for holistic health’. ProbioSlim proposes to offer you bacteria which might be in reality already in your colon anyhow. It’s also good for boosting immunity, as an anti-viral immunity booster probiotic.

In case you are practically giving up since nothing appears to work for you, do not throw in the towel just yet. This will enable you to get a free breast of Probioslim to try out this outstanding probiotic nutritional supplement on your own. Consult a healthcare professional should you be pregnant or nursing, have a medical condition, or use prescription drugs. For that reason alone I was excited to locate this product – it is simple to tuck away within my bag since I travel a lot for work.

What does this product contain, that may induce weight loss?

ProbioSlim includes green tea leaf extract. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the main polyphenol found in green tea and is known to have many beneficial effects on human health.

It is a popular weight loss compound which is thought to boost thermogenesis and fat oxidation, thus encouraging your body to burn its fat stores.

Green tea (EGCG) has been found to have a little effect on Weight Loss and Weight Management.

The product also contains, caffeine which when coupled with Green tea extract (exclusively containing EGCG) can increase the metabolic rate and induce thermogenesis.

What more?

Prebiotics mix that it contains, provides indigestible plant fiber that can help the growth of bacteria in the gut. It contains Kiwi, fig and papaya extract.

Probioslim Advanced is the real deal as far as we’re concerned, and we are getting excited about hearing all your experiences with this merchandise. ProbioSlim comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee which commences on the day the merchandise is sent. It’s a probiotic strain resistant that will be adequate to pass through the gut and enter your colon.

Up to now, there isn’t any actual scientific explanation about how probiotics actually work to help individuals shed weight. We are really excited about Probioslim and it is now certainly one of our top rated probiotic nutritional supplements. I’ve attempted one highly recommended probiotic that has been really pricey, and it only worsened my symptoms.

Before making a final decision on ProbioSlim, it is vital that you analyze how customers review it. Countless people were disappointed with the business because of their vehicle charging practices, and these same folks found no fat loss gain in any respect. In addition they assert that Probioslim includes a prebiotic made of the dietary fibre in kiwi, papaya and fig; a prebiotic is an energy source for the bacteria in Probioslim, ensuring they have adequate energy and nutrients.

Anyone with a GNC membership pays the reduced cost of $59.99. A GNC membership card costs $15 for a year’s membership, and give customers access to substantial reductions. The price of 1 bottle of ProbioSlim is $69.99, which is somewhat high compared to other nutritional supplements on the market.

They unmistakably clarify and remind you if do not scratch off before the 14 day time frame is up, then ProbioSlim will anticipate you cherished their nutritional supplement so much that you need a month to month supply of it at your doorstep. Probioslim contains caffeine which may be dangerous if you have increased blood pressure. Their functions are both believed to be much the same, as they work together to do precisely the same thing.

I gained weight, and my blood pressure went sky high, doctor explained to stop using probioslim. We’re able to keep going, but the purpose is that: Many other nutritional supplements also feature LactoSpore, so ProbioSlim is not always unique in this aspect.

Constantly recall anyone can post their own customer reviews and opinions, we strive our best to filter out any customer reviews and opinions which are definitely written by an organization to market their own merchandise or by a competition to discredit an item. The focus that’s largest of ProbioSlim is on correcting the balance of bacteria in your digestive system. The probiotic strain is not independently analyzed to reveal if it is either safe or effective.

Some customers may qualify for a 14 day free trial offer of the nutritional supplement to ascertain if it might be something they’re considering taking long term, though others can choose to buy a month supply of ProbioSlim for only $69.99. An even better deal is with the Forskolin offer that’s now on-line. Nevertheless, most reviews continue to be average at best and several products receive 2 star evaluations, with many customers complaining of having found no results.

ProbioSlim describes their piece as a riskfree powerful nutritional supplement for “organic health”. The main ingredients contain probiotics, which are generally types of great bacteria’s that reside in your digestive organs and promote good digestive health. All that apart, customer comments with this probiotic is usually fairly favorable, which can ben’t that difficult to believe.

If request you paying for the Probioslim cost will function as last concern because your main goal would be to locate a probiotic nutritional supplement that’ll improve life. Additionally, ProbioSlim supports energy and performance levels while supporting use of fat for fuel during the day, ProbioSlim comes with a one month money-back guarantee and 100% customer satisfaction.

Daily, thousands of people rely on Probioslim to slim down, immune support, and more.

The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, which rates effectiveness for nutritional supplements according to scientific evidence, says there’s inadequate evidence to rate Bacillus coagulans as successful for most common probiotic advantages.

ProbioSlim makes guaranteeing claims to enhance the digestive system and lead towards weight reduction, especially fat burning and metabolism fostering. LactoSpore molecules do not really help you lose weight, though: for weight loss, ProbioSlim contains an added green tea leaf extract.

Probioslim is different from other probiotics as its ingredient LactoSpore forms its own spores shielding the probiotics launch through its journey in reaching the colon until it safely passes through the stomach’s harsh surroundings. ProbioSlim is a US merchandise and just looks available to buy through US retail sites.

Amazing facts about Lactobacillus plantarum :

We would like to draw your attention towards it, making you aware of the massive bundle of benefits that it is capable of providing you!

  • Plantarum is a bacteria we all need in or diet from birth to the day we draw or last breath.
  • It is a strain almost completely extinct from our diets. L. plantarum is an essential tool in eliminating pathogenic bacteria. It is so effective, that were it to simply colonize its area of preference within the gut, it would eradicate colonies of E. coli via basic territorial dominance.
  • plantarum is one of the best probiotics to address digestive distress!
  • plantarum is resistant to most antibiotics. This makes it even more special! If at all, you necessarily need to take an antibiotic, while using this strain as a supplement, it will survive unlike others in your gut.
  • One benefit that we must not skip, rather delve into deeply is its benefit linked with obesity!

Research has established that L.plantarum helps to treat diet induced obesity.

Suggested readings for benefits linked with L. plantarum:

**There is NO overcrowding of strains, nor does it contain any natural fillers that may make it really difficult for you to judge the efficiency of the product.

The product is simple, yet tremendously effective, since it harnesses the amazing power of an indispensable, probiotic strain L. plantarum.

The ingredients can be summed up as :

  • Lactobacillus Plantarum OM Strain.
  • Stabilized rice bran (which serves as a prebiotic)


The product is backed by clinical trials, which reveal, P3OM to have remarkable properties like:

  • Proteolytic activity (breaks down protein)
  • Anti-tumoral capability (Reduces tumor size).
  • Antiviral capabilities (Kicks virus’s asses)
  • Anti-retroviral activity as demonstrated against: the Rauscher virus, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and the T-lymphotrophic virus.


So, we can see, how this product will boost Immunity levels also

Not only this, they also provide a 100% money back guarantee, if in any case you’re not satisfied with it. The price, is around 69$ for a month’s supply and it may even be reduced if you buy combo packs.

We conclude, saying that it is a genuine, and effective probiotics product for weight loss. Packed with one of the most efficient and advantageous probiotic strain, it provides all round benefits to your health. It is backed by clinical trails and scientific facts, so there is no room for any doubt regarding its ingenuity.

The product does contain groundbreaking ingredients, and justifies the price it demands!


  1. Positive Customer reviews on Probioslim


  • I am very satisfied with this product! Does exactly as it says! (Laura)
  • Seems to work great gives me a full feeling. Would recommend people at least try. (Joyce)
  • I didn’t lose weight with this product but it was so very helpful in my digestion of food. My stomach feels excellent with this. Best help I’ve ever had with digestion.
  • I’ve tried probiotics for awhile due to my various digestive issues, but it can be tricky when I travel since they often need to be refrigerated. For that reason alone I was excited to find ProbioSlim – it’s easy to tuck away in my bag since I travel a lot for work. After a few weeks of evaluation, I’d say it definitely works! It’s gotten rid of my constant bloat, which makes me feel and look a whole lot better. Even if you don’t have stomach troubles, I would definitely recommend this product to help you feel better, digest better, and look trim! (Amanda)
  • I’ve been very impressed with the results. I have always suffered from IBS and taking this daily has really made a difference for me. It also seems to help with weight loss as i’ve been down 10 pounds since starting it. (Terry Jackson)
  • Finally! A weight loss product that is natural and doesn’t make me feel jittery! I have tried lots of different supplements for weight loss, but ProbioSlim is the only one that has really worked. The probiotics are great for helping with bloating, which helps my body look slimmer. Then, on top of that, the ingredients that are focused on weight loss are natural and work in a holistic way. I’m so excited I found something that just works the way it’s supposed to! (Neil)
  • Love probioslim. Feel good since starting this. (Anna)


  1. Negative customer reviews on Probioslim


  • Don’t expect to lose weight. I saw no different in energy level either. And look out they automatically send another bottle charging your credit card $79.00 without permission. I’m working with my bank on getting my money back, so don’t be fooled by ‘Money back guaranteed’. (Amazaon customer)
  • I ordered this product after reading reviews that it not only helped people lose weight it improved their digestive system. WRONG!!! I was regular but not enough and I had gas a lot and suffered from frequent heartburn. So I was like great. I can tackle two issues at once. Man after using the product for one week I noticed my frequently for a bowel movement went from once daily to once every few days. YES I was constipated which made me more gaseous and bloated. My stomach became more enlarged AND I gain weight. I said it’s only the first week maybe it had to get in my system and get worse before getting better. WRONG AGAIN!! It continued to get worse do I stop taking them and I advise anyone that I saw no benefit from using this product. Buyer be ware. (Cindy Wood)


  • I have seen no noticeable weight loss attributed to better digestive probiotics and the other listed ingredients. As a probiotic, it was helpful. (Elizabeth Rerie)


  • This product is awful, makes you feel discomfort in upper abdomen, I am switching back to my usual probiotic. Do not buy this product. (David)


  • Product sucks, never will buy again and would never recommend to anyone. (Chris)


  • I don’t know yet how well this works but I was disappointed when I received the $20 bottle to discover that that lasts for only fifteen days. This is more expensive than I was led to believe by the site listing. I may or may not continue to use this. (Margaret)