Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Obama Plan

I've discussed the reasons for this transformation of my families habits.  The overall goal is to be more healthy.....and live longer.  The bonus is that we all lose weight and look better in our pants!

The real catalyst for this was the re-election of President Obama and the realization that we are stuck with ObamaCare.  This is not a political post and I'm not going to discuss the pros and cons of universal healthcare.

The reality is that things are going to change.  Health care professionals are going to quit, appointments are going to be harder to come by and surgeries will be denied. 

It's already happening.  My uncle Terry in California is 62 year old and waiting to die.  His kidneys are failing and he has been denied surgery.  He has many years left to live but it has been decided that the cost is too high.

We've explained to our children the reasons for the changes in our eating habits.  They know all about ObamaCare and that their Dad is old. (ha ha) They have dubbed our new plan....The Obama Plan!

So funny.


Now...for my weekly weigh in!

Starting weight:  211.6
Todays weight:   209
LOSS:                     2.6 pounds!!

I'm pretty happy with this number considering that I really haven't started exercising yet.  I just started today.

I'm also happy to report that after much pushback from my husband about his reduced portion sizes....he has lost 4 pounds since January 1st and is now fully on board! Funny how that works.....

My children are adjusting remarkably well.  They don't miss the juice, are loving the vegetables but they don't care for the whole wheat organic bread.

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  1. That is awful about your uncle. Good for you guys for taking the bull by the horns. Let's all think of NObama next time we want to eat something that will land us in the hospital.

    1. It is terrible. What a way to die.

      YES!! Maybe they should start putting his wife's face on all of the bad food so we don't want it anymore.

  2. Congrats on your loss!! And good job getting your husband involved!!! It makes things easier when you can do it all together.

    1. It's so much easier when everyone is on the same page!

  3. Congrats on your loss! That is awesome!

  4. Wow, I was just talking to my kids about this today! My 9 year-old daughter cried! Real tears! I wasn't planning on telling them anything for now. I was just going to slowly exchange processed food for REAL food with the hope that they wouldn't notice lol. They do real well with drinking water most of the time, thankfully, but we've got a freezer full of hot pockets and chicken nuggets and cupboards with mac n cheese and raviolies! When I picked her up from school I had brought her a banana for a snack. She looked at me as if I were insane and said, "mom, I don't like bananas!" I've got 5 kids! What do I know! She asked why I didn't get her chips or cookies. I explained and out came the tears...

  5. ha ha!!! That is so funny....this cracked me up! I'm glad EVERYONE is on board and sounds like ya'll are doing great!!! Check in with ya next week and have a great rest of this week too :)

  6. You are right it IS already happening a hospital in PA has already declared they will no longer be delivering babies, due to obstetricians leaving the hospitals and starting private practices and the reimbursement amounts coming into the hospital will not fund the births properly.

  7. Sadly, you're right! Negative changes in health care are already taking place. I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle, and I pray that he gets the care he needs.

    Congratulations on your loss, and for chosing to make the changes for your family as a whole. That truly does make things easier when everyone is involved.

    Good luck! I look forward to getting to know you better through this challenge.

  8. Nice work Connie. Conquer one day at a time - you are doing great!

  9. Hello! Stopping over from the Biggest Loser Challenge - great loss this week!! On another note, so sorry about your uncle :(



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