Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Re-Training my Brain

I feel really good about last week!  I ate well....and I exercised a few times.  I even took pictures of my food a few days in an attempt to keep myself accountable.  I made it through the weekend without blowing my diet!

I went to a cooking class at Whole Foods with my friend Heather and we learned a couple more meatless recipes.  You can see the pictures and recipes here.  Quinoa is my new best friend and even my kids are liking it.  WINNING!  Sorry...was that annoying?

I  had an AH-HA moment this week involving watermelon!  It feels like I'm learning how to eat all over again and re-training my brain to think like a healthy person.

I was super excited for my weigh in this morning and then TOM decided to rear his ugly head a few days early. It has to be the reason for the slight gain.  Hoping for better news next week.

Starting weight:     211.6
Last week:              209 (-2.6 pounds)
This week:              209.8 (+  .8 pounds)
LOSS:                    -1.8 pounds

Goals for Week Four:
  • Drink More Water!
  • Avoid Sugar
  • Exercise 3 times (figure out the BEST time of day)
  • Limit wine to twice a week
  • Write in my food journal

Linking up with the lovely Java Mama for The Biggest Loser Challenge!



  1. Hey Connie, Looks like you are off to a great start. I am learning a lot too about eating more natural foods and avoiding the processed.

  2. looks like you are eating really healthy! the cooking class sounds awesome!

  3. Good job on not blowing the diet on the weekend. Those are the hardest! You are doing great. Keep up the good work. I know next week will be a loss.

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  5. mmm.Your food looks so yummy! I should take some inspiration from you!

  6. Great job lady! Your food looks yummy !! I am MFP too...please add me as a friend !!!



  7. Your food looks amazing. That TOM can mean an additional 5 pounds for me. I think that's what's going my scale going crazy right now as well.

    Don't get discouraged. Keep up the great work.

  8. Way to go on your loss! Keep it up!

  9. I am sure you will see more of a loss next week! Nice job!!

  10. Hey you didn't even gain a pound look at it that way! :)

    Also I nominated you for a Liebster Award HERE!


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