Friday, August 10, 2012

I'm Not Much Fun Since I Stopped Eating


Pre-Load                  215.6
Day 1 vlcd               217.4
Week One:              210.6
Today's weight:      205.4 (-5.2)
Total Released:      12 pounds

Week One:   6.8 pounds released
Week Two:  5.2 pounds released

I only lost .2 pounds this morning because I cheated.  It was a dumb thing to do but my husband hadn't been home for two nights (he was visiting his parents at his brother's house) so I'd been with my kids non-stop for two days and.....I ate mac and cheese.

Today I feel like POOP!  I don't think I can ever eat mac and cheese again.  It's evil.

The good news is....that on Tuesday when I worked at school all day.  I did NOT cheat.  They had meals for us....sub sandwiches and BBQ with cornbread but I did not eat any of it.  I drank my water and ate when I got home.


So.....I'm considering extending this round past 23 days because I have more hCG than I thought  I would.  I'm not really sure what quantity I purchased.  Must be a 30 day supply?

The problem is....I have a date on August 26th (with my husband and The Book of Mormon) and I really wanted to be in Phase 3 by then.

Also, my husband is really tired of this diet already, and says I'm not much fun since I stopped eating.  Although....he should be thanking me because he's lost almost 10 pounds.  Actually, this pisses me off.

This next week might be tricky....TOM is coming.  Lord help me.


  1. TOM is so hard on this deal! You can do it!!! Stabilize this time so you can hold on to your awesome losses!! Atkins, fight the steak days, you can do it!! If you drink, avoid beer and stick with the drier red wines and eat super low carb. Go Connie Go!!!

  2. You can totally get through this - you are going great!


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