Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Candy Wrappers in My Fat Pants

My diet is going really well! I've lost a few more pounds and have removed some too big clothes from my closet. I was sad to realize that a favorite pair of pants no longer fit me and even more surprised to find an empty Peanut M&M bag in the pocket.

 Imagine that....candy wrappers in my fat pants!

 I'm so proud of myself for how I handled the weekend. We went to the Denver Bronco Scrimmage and I brought my own food so that I wouldn't be tempted by the hot dogs and popcorn.

 Turns out my kids were also more interested in my apple slices and hard boiled egg whites. They stole my food!!

 I also think the people seated around me took me for a crazy person feeding my kids that kind of stuff at a football game.

 I have a busy day working the PTA table at packet pick up today but I'm bringing my food with me.


  1. Candy wrapper in the fat pants? Hilarious!

    Seriously those people can suck it. I take healthy snacks to the pool all the time. People are chowing pringles, nachos, candy & snow cones while guzzling soda while we eat fruit or pb crackers with water. I'm not wasting of those precious calories burned!

  2. Ignore the people who are stuffing their pie holes with hotdogs and beer, you are doing right by yourself.

  3. So much better to bring your own food! Way to go!!

  4. Good for you! I remember taking cubes of chicken, apples, and celery to a movie once last year. It was worth it when I dropped a pound the next day!

  5. lol. Very funny. Hope you find money in your pants next time.
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