Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Numbers

Good Morning!

Boy was loading fun! I'd forgotten that by day two the hCG has started to kick in and suppress your appetite and you don't want to eat anymore. Forcing yourself to eat your favorite foods and grocery shop is a little bit hard.

This time around I tried to focus on fat and not just sugar and carbs. I did have sweets here and there but I also had a steak, guacamole, nuts and my favorite Indian Food.

The thing I that I had the hardest time with that I used to get all the time.

 A white chocolate mocha from Starbucks.

 When I first started drinking coffee, that was my drug. Now I drink unsweetened iced coffee with a slash of cream. That sweet drink was too much to handle. Gross!

 So lets go over the numbers.

Beginning weight: 215.6
After 2 load days: 217.4
Gain: 1.8 pounds

This is less than I've gained in the past with hCG. I hope it doesn't mean that I didn't load enough.

I took my measurements the other day and I was pleased to see that even thought I gained back all of the weight I lost with hCG last time. I'm less fat. HA!

My waist and hips are an inch smaller than when I started in 2009. I can't wait to see those numbers go down!


  1. When I loaded I ate a lot of high calorie foods but I didn't really force feed myself, I think the most I "gained" was 2 lbs, and I lost 20 lbs on HCG. Good luck this week!

  2. You can do it!!! It's a little hot to think of chili right now but the last time I did my HCG-esque plan, I made it with ground chicken, tomato, and spices. It was the one thing I never got sick of eating.

  3. I'm on my first load day of my (technically) 3rd round, after several false starts. In looking back I can see that my false starts came after load days of carby sweet crud followed by lots of hunger in the first week. My second round was all fat -- and I LOST weight on my load days and had no hunger on HCG. I yhink, at least for me, high fats loading is the ticket.


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