Monday, July 30, 2012

Party Pooper

Start weight:     215.6
Day 1 vlcd          217.4
Todays weight: 215.2
Released:                  2.2  pounds

 Day one of the vlcd wasn't hard hunger wise. The hCG works well and I really wasn't hungry. The problem was that I had to take my children to a birthday party and I couldn't eat or drink anything!

I wanted a glass of wine soooo badly!

Going to a social event has to be the hardest part of sticking to this plan.  I'll be avoiding them from here on out!

I also forgot that you have to pee a hundred times a day and this interrupts sleep.  It's like being pregnant again!

vlcd= very low calorie diet


  1. Great job! Parties and weekends are the killers on that diet for sure.

  2. I know EXACTLY how you feel.... As long as you are in your normal environment/routine dieting seems easy, then when you are in public it gets ALOT harder!!!! I have been there!! Keep up the good work!!

  3. Whoo I totally understand what you mean about social events. Good luck and stay strong!
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