Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Everything Is Bigger

My dear friend has an au pair and I became very good friends with the one that just went home to Denmark.

I talked to her about adjusting to life in the United States and she mentioned to me that she gained 10 pounds in the first month because of the food we eat here.

In her family, they don't eat out and fast food is 30 minutes away.  She told me the last time they had a meal in a restaurant was 5 years ago.  Can you imagine?

The newest au pair is from Brazil.  I observed her the first day I met her, at the going away party for my friend.  She ate a very small plate of rice and beans.  And she drank water.

I vowed to go on the rice, bean and water diet the next day. 

I've spent some time with her recently and in only three weeks, she's adapted to our eating habits.  And she's now addicted to soda.

I watched her eyes the first time she ordered a coke in a restaurant and she was amazed how BIG it was.  She said this container of soda was more than she drinks in a month back home.

She was also amazed at the size of our food.  Giant boxes of cereal, crackers and other snacks.

I know Americans are fat and we eat more fat and calories than other countries.

Talking with these gals has opened my eyes and I'm making changes in my home.

Less sugar and smaller servings!


  1. However, she gained weight because she chose to eat foods in excess, not because we have it, they have fast food restaurants in other countries, is it more readily available sure, doesn't mean you have to eat it. Making good choices should always be what you choose to do. My eating is blamed on me, not America. I don't buy crackers because I know I can't control myself around them. Despite living within 5 mins of fast food places I rarely go. This weekend I was on vacation I had pizza one night, and made sure I got some exercise in, even if it was just kayaking. Americans are fat because they are lazy and choose convenience, over processed foods at the grocery store, rather than taking the time to make a regular meal with real food. Anyhow, just one fat girls opinion. lol

    1. I agree. I think the fact that food like this is so readily available that we get lazy.

      Making good choices is hard!

  2. Personally, when I stop eating sugar completely, my appetite gets very small. The key for me is to only eat when hungry, stop when full and avoid sugar so that my appetite is normal.

    It's hard and not sustainable for most people but honestly, the older we get, the harder we have to work.

  3. Portion control was what helped me lose 10 pounds last year. The portions are restaurants are even worse!


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