Monday, October 17, 2011

Crying Over Popcorn

I'm in mourning.

Remember that awesome Caramel Corn that I told you about?

My Whole Foods didn't have it (or a spot assigned for it) last time I went to stock up on my favorite Gluten-Free snacks.

I'm going to have to order a box of it because I can't live without it.

 I bought this Kettle Corn as a replacement and ate half the bag before I realized that it wasn't gluten free.  Dang it!


I'm holding steady at 209.  Which is kind of amazing because I've been having a love affair with some caramels.  I need to stop buying them.

I'm planning to get really serious about my diet again in about 5 days.  This will involve refusing to go out to eat so that I don't ruin my diet and eat something I shouldn't.

Wish me luck!


  1. I was really serious, and then last week I stopped caring (what is wrong with me??) gained back what little bit I lost and now I'm really serious again.

    Let's be serious together!!

  2. I'm glad that I came across someone who also can't live without popcorn. I hope you'd be faithful with your diet plan and you'll surely love the end result.

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