Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm A Cheater

Starting Weight: 208
September 1st:   207.4
September 8th:   207
LOSS:                    .4
Total Paleo Loss:  6.5 pounds

I'm pretty happy with this week's results....considering that I celebrated my birthday last weekend with some gluten.

There will be celebrating again this week with Mexican Food and I intend to eat a flour tortilla as big as my head filled with meat and cheese and sour cream!

I will not be having cake. I don't really like cake so I don't see the point of eating it on my special day.

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  1. Have you tried Feel Good Foods Gluten Free Dumplings? I just tried them today and posted a blog post with my review.

    You should give them a shot! Tasty.

    That tortilla as big as your head sounds delicious.

    Good job with the weight loss.


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