Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gluten Free Bread

I've been missing sandwiches.

Now, that's not completely true....I've been eating sandwiches. Naughty gluten filled sandwiches and because of this, I've NOT been losing any weight and my lip has been swollen.

I decided that I'd try the gluten free bread from Udi's. I even sucked it up and paid $5.99 for it at Whole Foods.

I brought my bread home and saw that it is supposed to remain frozen.  Weird.  That's going to make a REALLY crunchy sandwich.  Jolene told me to toast the bread.  Oh good idea.

I made sandwiches for me and my children and I was shocked by the size of my bread.

Mine is the little guy

I slapped some turkey lunch meat, swiss cheese and avocado on that little guy and went to town.  It tastes okay....a little different than what I'm used to, but my freakish big hands caused the bread to fall apart.   I had to get the Dyson out when I was done eating.

Not bad.....for gluten free.


  1. If you microwave the bread about ten seconds it will get softer. I rarely eat GF bread because it is high sugar and about twice the calories. I gain weight when I eat it.

    That being said, far better to eat that than gluten!

  2. They want you to freeze it because it gets moldy fast if you don't - doesn't have any preservatives or fresheners in it that many main stream breads do.

  3. I tried every gluten free bread I could get my hands on. I made countless recipes. They were all awful ... I couldn't get over the chewy texture. I was about to give up on bread all together. And then I found the recipe for Paleo bread. I've been making two loaves of Paleo bread every week now for over a month. I keep one in the fridge and one in the freezer. It makes enough for me and the kids to have a sandwich just about every day at lunch and a few mornings of toast in the AM. You have to buy almond flour ... the cheapest is through the web ... but it's soooo easy to make. No yeast ... filled with fiber and protein. You have to try it!!

  4. Here is the link to the recipe ...

    Definitely buy your almond flour on-line! I pay a bit more through Amazon but you can go directly to the Honeyville site and get 5 pounds a bit cheaper. I use Amazon b/c I have prime shipping ... just easier for me!


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