Friday, July 22, 2011

It Could Happen!

Moving right along here...Day 3!

I was not hungry yesterday.  At all.  I had to force myself to eat.  This is huge for me.

When I was making my plan with my coach Jolene....I told her there were two times that I'm going to want to have a drink.

1. My husband's 30th High School Reunion

2. The first week of August when my in laws are visiting.

And now we have been invited to a birthday party at a bar.  My first instinct is to decline the invite because I can't have a cocktail.  But then I was thinking this could be a great test of my will.

I can totally go to a bar and not have a drink.

STOP LAUGHING.  It could happen.  Maybe.

I guess we'll see if I can con someone into watching my kids and find out!


  1. Ah you can do it! This will be a good test for you, good luck!!!

  2. Get a sparkling water with a twist of lime. You can do it!

  3. Definitely go mock-tail, you'll feel festive and no one needs to know you aren't having alcohol! I do that sometimes.

    ps..way to go girlfriend! You're inspiring me.

  4. I'm trying to dry up a bit. Not so much for weight [although I do tend to carry a few extra pounds when I drink more frequently], but I feel like I'm using alcohol too much as a crutch. If I can do it, you can do it. It's hard, though. Email me privately if you want. :)


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