Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Going Paleo

I had a lovely chat with my friend and coach Jolene from Healthy Discoveries yesterday!

I've been doing some research...I wish I'd been this good at homework when I was in school.


We talked about what my obstacles are.

1. Eating Out
2. Love of bread, cereal and sugar
3. Love of wine
4. Not enough water

We talked about body chemistry and how counting calories doesn't work for some people and how I've tried every single diet under the sun and only ONE has worked for me.

hCG worked for me.  It was gluten, sugar, alcohol free.


Day one went GREAT!  So great that I forgot to eat lunch.  Did you hear that?  I wasn't hungry and I forgot to eat.  Who am I right now?

I made a yummy dish for dinner that was a favorite during my hCG days but I gobbled it up so fast that I forgot to take a picture.  I'll be making it again in a few days and will share the recipe on my food blog.

I'm so thrilled and encouraged by the fact that Jolene has agreed to mentor and coach me through this.  Knowing that she's there to talk to and offer advice and cheer me making me feel like I can really do this.

She just completed her own 30 day Paleo Challenge and her results are amazing! Read her post here.

That reminds me....I need to take a before picture and measurements.


  1. I can't believe this is what you're doing! I've got The Paleo Diet book being held for me at the library when whatever jerk has it brings it back in! I've been reading up on it online and I think I might do it for my August Swap-Bot swap.

  2. So glad you are finally doing this! Grain free is the way to go!!! Woo hoo! You can do this!!!

  3. I have the book and since I don't eat meat it's just collecting dust - do you want it? :)

  4. All I ate yesterday at work was beef jerky. Did the paleos have beef jerky? I got home though and went a teeny, tiny bit nuts.


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