Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hiking Red Rocks

On my 39th birthday almost a year ago I made a list of things that I wanted to do before my 40th birthday.  One of these things was to hike Red Rocks. I originally thought I would RUN Red Rocks but I changed my mind. Because I'm not as crazy as I look.

I was so happy when my friend Denise offered to go with me.  She's a true Colorado Girl and loves to hike and go on adventures.  She also likes donuts and we decided to bring some with us next time as a reward for walking up all of the steps.

Plus it would be fun to eat them while watching the boot camp folks.

My lungs were screaming at me to stop and go home...but I kept going! 

I made it to the top!  It looks like that guy is falling down the stairs...and that I'm flipping someone off....

This right here is why I will never do a boot camp.  I don't know what the heck these people were doing.

When I got back to my car...I was conveniently parked at Target, and I was feeling so good and healthy that I bought fresh Wild Salmon for dinner and couldn't wait to go home and make a turkey and avocado sandwich on the Sandwich Thins that I bought the other day.

I feel so good right now that I think I want to do this every single Sunday.  And I learned a new exercise watching a cute little gal.  I'm going to do this every day so that I can have a nice butt like she has.  The boobs will probably cost me a little cash though.

Some interesting facts about Red Rocks....

there are 23 flights of stairs from the road to the stage.
there are 23 flights of stairs from the stage to the top.
there are 46 flights of stairs in the from the road to the top.
there are 196 stairs from the road to the stage.
there are 192 stairs from the stage to the top.
there are 388 stairs total from lower parking to the top.
there are 21 planter boxes total – 9 to the concession stand,12 to the top.
there are 69 rows of seats.
there are 138 steps from the stage to the top on the stairs ( next to the seats ).
if you do add-ons, from the stage to the top, 23 flights of stairs with 8 stairs per flight you will run 4416 steps.
it is a 5K to run all of the wooden bleachers to the top

I found this list on the boot camp instructor's website.  I like the list...except for the fat free stuff.  YUCK!

Top super foods:

1. black beans
2. yams
3. avocado
4. dark vegetables
5. red and black/dark fruits
6. salmon, tuna
7. turkey breast
8. fat free milk
9. fat free cottage cheese
10. almonds, walnuts
11. egg whites
12. water

Worst foods:

1. french fries and chips
2. refined sugar / high fructose
3. white flour / rice / pasta
4. beer
5. soda regular and diet
6. cheese
7. pizza
8. canned soup
9. butter / margarine / dressings     
10. Chinese food
11. sweets and baked deserts


  1. So proud of you! You did awesome!

  2. Wow! Awesome job climbing that!!

  3. Woohoo girl! And, what? No french fries?! I mean, really, is life worth living without french fries?

  4. Way to go, girlfriend!
    I am so proud of you, you are looking so beautiful and doing such wonderfully healthy things for yourself.
    I would love to have had the salmon you made. I adore salmon, but my hubby hates all kinds of seafood so I don't buy it very often.
    Keep up the good work.
    (BTW, I hate girls who's boobs don't move!)


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