Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 4: Big Girl Drawers

Round 2, Day 4....22 Days Remaining

Starting Weight:            194 (+3.4 load weight)
Today's Weight
:          192

Yesterday's Weight:   193.4
Released:                      1.4 pounds

Week One Released:   2 lbs (+3.4 load weight)

I'm almost back to my LIW(last injection weight)  from last round.  Yesterday was a much better day and I even kind of cheated.  I ate pork.  I made these fabulous baked pork ribs for my family and I tasted a piece and it was so good so I ate pork for my dinner.  It doesn't seem to have made a huge difference in my weight loss so I'm relieved.

I have a situation going undergarments are too big.  The twins keep falling out everytime I bend over to pick up a toy off from the floor and granny panties are sliding down.  I really don't want to purchase any more...until I'm done with this my husband suggested duct tape.  What is it with guys and duct tape?  Anything, apparently can be fixed with it....including my (*)(*) and my ( / ).

I'm off to a play date where I get to hold a 2 month old baby.  My husband is dreading it because once I get a sniff of a baby....the symptoms start.  The symptoms of Baby Fever!  These playdates also normally incude a chocolatey snack so I'll be bringing my strawberries.

Have a great day!


  1. I LOVE the bit about the duct tape :) And baby fever? You should have had 4. That would cure it :) Although now that Jason's 2, I get why moms with older kids always wanted to hold him - sweet little bundles of goodness that don't get into anything or sass you! Miss those days (sigh).

  2. I get it really bad Jen. AND 3 of my friends are pregnant and due at the same time right now.

  3. My hubs would fix just about anything with duct tape....its an illness.

  4. Aww, I love getting to hold and smell fresh new babies. Then I love handing them back. LOL! I'm weird, I like the toddler phase better. :)

    WoooHoo! Nice loss!

    Challenge for Calvin: Put that engineering mind to work on creating a bra for Connie made ENTIRELY of duct tape. Hahahah!

  5. ooohhhh baby fever i know it all too well lol

    your doing amazing
    congrats on the loss

  6. I would have gone with safety pins over duct tape, but then again I've never been accused of being a "man's man".

  7. I'm really impressed how you hold on to this diet. When I read what you can eat and what you can't eat or drink (I couldn't function without my morning coffee) I'm sure I could never do that. So big compliment for you that you are doing it!

  8. Just go commando for the next 44 days...

  9. Fran...I totally caved on the coffee. I couldn't do it.


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