Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 13: Counting Down to Round 2

I weighed in at 193 this morning.  I was expecting more because TOM showed up yesterday with a migraine and an intense craving for carbs and next thing I knew....I was making a Blueberry Toaster Strudel.  Kids prefer the taste of Toaster Strudel but my kids love Pop Tarts.

Anyway....I'm getting ready for my next round of hCG starting Monday.  Normally, you are supposed to wait 6 weeks to begin a new round but I'm worried that Bobbi's hCG will not be potent anymore so we're going to go for it.  Sandra at Wade says you can take a 3 week break.  I guess we'll find out if that's true or not.  Plus, I'm only planning on a short round (23 injections). 

I'm not looking forward to the diet again.  I'm dreading it actually....but it's not forever and it went pretty fast last time.  I'm going to do a few things different this time too.  I'm not going to drink any coffee...only tea.  And I'm going to stick with the strawberries and not eat so many apples.  I'm also not going to cook very much for my family.  They'll be getting a memo from me on Wednesday informing them of the meal schedule....and where the Lean Cuisines are located.

I'm looking forward to fitting into the smaller jeans that I bought a couple weeks ago!  I've missed seeing the scale move.

Five more days until I load....what should I eat this time?  I'm so conditioned to not eat carbs and sugar that I can't even think of what to have.  Hubby is getting my favorite Indian food for dinner Monday but I'm at a loss what else to eat.  Isn't that weird that I can't think of anything. 

Even weirder....I was going to stop and get Wendy's for the kids on Monday after we went to the library and I'd decided not to get myself anything.  Not even a salad or chicken breast.  I didn't want it.  And then I decided the kids didn't need it and I made them sandwiches when we got home.  PROGRESS!!! more change, while I'm thinking about it.  I'm going to ban ALL SWEETS from the house during my next round.  That means Bobbi will have to keep her donuts and crap in her car....I don't want them here.  If she doesn't like it....she can move out!


  1. I would eat pizza...and chocolate...and wine....and BBQ.

    I totally have PMS right now. I could list 4,000 foods.

  2. It will be horrible to be so restricted again but you got such great results last time! It will be worth it!

  3. Good luck on your next round! I'm pulling for you.

    Hmm...good eats hmm? Big Steak, Pizza, Bucket O' Pasta, Chocolate Malt, Cheeseburger, Triple Decker Turkey Club Sandwhich, truck-load of fries, etc.

    Drool bib please!

  4. Good luck Connie - you will do great! My friend is on HCG again, I think it's her 6th round. But over a few years.

    I think having no sweets in the house is a great idea. I know if they are here I eat them.

    Good luck! I love Indian Food - sounds wonderful!


  5. Ohhh, so feisty! You lay down the law, Girlfriend. Excited for you to be a loser again - you can do it!

  6. I hear ya! If my favorite sweets are in the house I eat them. It's like crack, I can't resist. You did great last time, you can do it again!

  7. I'd OD on the Indian food - love it, love it, love it....

    I love how you're laying the down the law - I need to :-))

    Good luck with your next round. You can do it.


  8. It's good to know we can take a 'break' from the progress. I've had so much doubt and confusion with 'said break', but like you- sweets and carbs are NOT as appealing as they once were. I think it's a sign that food is becoming more and more a 'need to eat' rather than an 'eat cause it's sooooo GOOOD'. That's awesome; in-and-of-itself!

  9. Good luck on your next round.

    Good idea to have no sweets in the house for your next round. I found that difficult too so if my hub buys it, he keeps it in his car or garage, knowing it's difficult for me to stay away from it.

    I would have a piece of home made chocolate pie

  10. I have begun my journey on HCG. I had never heard of this until a friend of mine divulged her secret after losing 40 pounds in 2 rounds. Since I have decided not to tell my family and close friends, I need to blog for support. Please keep me in your thoughts and visit me at


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