Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's Not Stealing if it's a Sample

Today's Weight:      189.8
Yesterday's:            190.4
Released:               .6 pounds

The scale went up a little bit over the last few days....but now it's going back down again. Thank Goodness! I think my body is adjusting to me adding some foods it hasn't had in a while and these items have more sodium in them than we're used to. I expected that.

What I didn't expect is that I would feel this good. That I would be so less likely to cave in to my old ways of thinking and eating. Let me tell you a story.

Every other weekend, I do my grocery shopping and I've started bringing Bobbi with me so that I'm accountable and don't accidentally buy a donut or something.  During the protocol, I'd walk past the bakery or the cereal isle and I'd look longingly at those things and feel bad that I couldn't have them.  Yesterday...I didn't want them.

We went to Starbucks and I did my homework before we left the house and I purchased a Skinny Vanilla Latte and I liked it.  I used to drink a full fat White Chocolate Latte and the last time I had one I couldn't finish it because it was too sweet.  I was looking longingly at a Rice Crispy Dream Bar...and Bobbi bought it and ate it in front of me.

We went to a couple more stores and I was starting to get hungry.  We were trying to get all the shopping done because of the snow storm coming today (we got about 3 inches overnight) and Calvin had some errands to run too.  So I needed something quick...but fast food and low carb don't really go together do they?

One of our stops was at a grocery store that had jars of peanuts on sale and I thought I would grab something from the deli....but all they had was fried chicken and other fried breaded stuff.  I was ready to just walk away and be hungry when I saw one of those plastic domed sample trays....and it had meat and cheese in it.  I got a super dirty look from the gal working in the deli for helping myself to a couple toothpicks full of sample but I was desperate!!

And it was perfect!  Just a little bit of food...protein, and then I was able to continue my shopping without blowing my diet!  I was so proud of myself!

This insistent got me thinking and I realized that the next time I find myself needing to eat and fast food is all that is available, I can always run into a grocery store and purchase a couple slices of meat and cheese from the deli.  And it's probably a whole lot cheaper than a burger or salad.

Now...I did end up doing something that I'm not very proud of.  My Dad called Calvin last night to complain about why I don't have a relationship with him anymore and he admitted that he's drinking a pint of vodka a day....and it doesn't look he's ready to quit anytime soon but he loves and misses me and the kids.  Of course, this upset me.  He loves drinking more than he loves us and I've accepted that and it's easier for me to just not think about him.

So...I had two glasses of wine last night.  Pretty stupid right?  I'm upset about my Dad's drinking so I have a drink.  Apple doesn't fall far....

I'd only planned to have one glass but that was before....the phone call.  Two glasses effects me a lot more after protocol than it used to......


  1. I'm so sorry. I can totally relate. Have similar issues in not seeing my father either (not alcoholism...other stuff).

    You did so well staying away from the high carb stuff! In to life a little wine must fall from time to time.

  2. I'm super proud of what you've accomplished and I don't think you should beat yourself up over 2 glasses of wine.

    You did FABULOUSLY in the grocery store and thats what you can focus on.

    Sorry to hear about your dad situation. I hope the stress of that doesn't weigh on your mind and eventually make it's way to your hips. Focus on the beautiful family you've made and continue to make those great food choices that you're now accustomed to.

    You know we love you here in IL!

  3. Thanks guys! I can always count on you to make me feel better!

  4. :( on your daddy.

    :) on being awesome!

    You did fab by making a healthy switcheroo at Starbucks, and by passing on the new booty cake at Starbucks, and getting a little protein to hold you over at the store. Props to you for staying strong!

  5. Great job passing up on the junk!

  6. Your journey has been so helpful to me. Sadly, all anyone should have for a meal is a couple of toothpicks full. When eating fast food my hubby will order a grilled chicken sandwich plain, throw out the bun and eat just the meat. It seems to help him get protein and move on. I imagine you could get cheese on it also to jazz it up a bit. Just a thought so you can eat something when your out.

  7. Long lost twins we are!!!
    My dad- same thing. Surreal!
    love your grocery store idea. LOVE IT. I've saved so much money these past 14 days just NOT eating out. It's amazing how making careful food choices save our waist-line AND our budget.

  8. Oh goodness... had the same situation w/ my dad a few years back only it was drugs. The good news is that he has since recovered (knock on wood and pray God it sticks) and our relationship is great now. It took some super honest talking on my part to let him know how I felt and then it took him wanting to change. And then God did the rest. I swear that prayer was the answer. Good luck.

    And good for you for resisting fast foods! I have fallen off the wagon the last 4 days and although my weight is stable, I need to get my act together FAST or else I'm going to be in trouble.

  9. You are doing great!! You reminded me of a time a short while ago when I was in one of our local grocery retailers and they had samples of cheese out - German Titlest - Yummy - I just kept on walking past and sneaking a piece.



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