Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 32: End of Phase 2...Early

Today's Weight:       191.2
Yesterday's:             191.2
RELEASED:               ZERO pound
Total Released:        21.4 pounds  10.2%

Week One Released         9.2 pounds   4.4  %
Week Two Released:       3 pounds      1.4 %
Week Three Released:     4  pounds     2     %
Week Four Released:       3.8 pounds  1.8%
Week Five Released:        1.4 pounds

I have some news....yesterday was my last injection day.  Since Thursday,  I've been feeling weak, hungry and having cravings.  Then I got a migraine that won't go away.  I've discussed my symptoms with Cindi and we've decided that I should end this round early because it appears I've become immune to the hCG.

I'm bummed because I was hoping to lose another 10 pounds on this round but I'm also kind of relieved because I think a 40 shot round is too long and I just can't keep up the diet that long.  I am planning a second short round (23 shots) in a few weeks and I'm hopeful that I can get to 170 pounds.

So now, after 72 hours of continuing the Very Low Calorie Diet...the plan is to stay within 2 pounds of my last injection weight which is 191.2 pounds.  In Phase 3, I get to add in more food except for sugar and starch.  Basically an Adkins Induction type plan.

I'm looking forward to making these meals for my whole family to enjoy.  My husband is diabetic and shouldn't have many carbs and sugar anyway.

Thank you all for your support the last 34 days!  This is a tough diet and I know that I was able to do it because of you.  I hope you'll stick around through this next phase and cheer me on again in my next round.


  1. I am impressed by your commitment to this plan. It cannot have been easy. Good for you for sticking to it!

  2. You did an awesome job Connie. 21.4 pounds in 34 days. WOW!!!! I know you can stay in the 1-2 pound range. Have you been exercising? I also know you can get to your goal weight. You know how great you feel now and you will only feel better when you reach your goal. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  3. I am so impressed with you- I have loved seeing your progress and reading about your strong will and determination! You have come this far!! KEEP GOING!!


  4. You did an AMAZING job! Giving your body a break will get it all geared up and ready to go again!!

  5. You're so tough! Congratulations on a job VERY well done. You KNOW I'll be supporting you during your next round of injections... I"ll support you while you maintain your current weight. You can do this!

  6. What a journey this has been! Your discipline and motivation are impressive!

    You're such an encouragement to me! I will surely stick around and try to be the same for you!

  7. Bummer on having to end early, but you've done SOOOO fabulously! You WILL get to that goal. You will.

    You should check out this website I've been using:


    Also I just googled clean eating, and there were several.

    And OMG, thank you SO much for the sweet card in the mail!! I was SOO excited when I got it! I was headed out, but I literally almost came back in to email you. lol.

    ♥ you too girl. Thanks for being such a great friend.

  8. I'm so glad you had the courage to adjust your program and goals. I think many would just plod on thinking they were doing the "right thing" even if they were actually hurting themselves.

  9. i second what kyle said.

    i know some others who have done this who have been physically unable to go back to eating the way they used to before. you might find this changes everything and you'll continue to lose just through making smarter food choices!

    i can't wait to hear more about phase 3 from you.

  10. Just found your blog and have to say I was thrilled to come across it. Yesterday was my first injection day and tomorrow I start the VLCD. I am starting at 220 and my ultimate goal weight is 140. I got from 265 to 220 on my own in a year, but I have not been able to get to "ONEderland" on my own for some reason. Your blog was great to find. I was *especially* excited to see that you went from 18 to 16 to 14 and almost into a 12 in such a short time -- can't wait to buy smaller pants after over a decade of being in plus sized stores. Anyhow, best of luck, and thanks for blogging.

  11. So glad you are listening to your body and that your doctor supports you. Phase 3 should be a snap for you since you get to eat more variety! Size 12 here you come...

  12. Youve done a great job with it...Lord knows I couldnt have stuck with something so restrictive!


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