Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 30: Shopping

Today's Weight:       192
Yesterday's:             192.6
RELEASED:               .6  pound
Total Released:        20.6 pounds  9.7%

Week One Released         9.2 pounds   4.4  %
Week Two Released:       3 pounds      1.4 %
Week Three Released:     4  pounds     2     %
Week Four Released:       3.8 pounds  1.8%
Week Five Released:         .6 pounds

Good Morning Friends!  

Yesterday....was AWESOME!  I went shopping with Bobbi at the Layton Hills Mall and the most amazing thing happened.....I put on SIZE 12 jeans and they fit.  Tight....but I zipped them up and everything.  So I bought them ($9.99 at Macy's marked down from $40) and then....against all odds, I bought a SIZE 10 too.  I almost didn't buy the 10's.  I told Bobbi that I was afraid I'd be jinxing myself because I can't even remember the last time I wore a 10 (has to be high school).  But I couldn't pass up a $10 pair of I got them.  AND I got the cutest red top in a LARGE! 

Bobbi is a big time shopper.  Shopping with her results in knees, hips and back hurting after a short time because I'm just not used to walking and standing that much.  This time with 20 less hips and back didn't start to hurt until about 4 hours in. And I realized that I haven't heard my knees talking to me when I go up the stairs at home.  Amazing!

I even managed to eat on plan at the food court for lunch.  I found a place that served grilled chicken salad and I had a water.  As we ate, I observed the people sitting around us...many of them overweight and eating burgers, fries, pizza and GIANT soda's.  

Have a great day...I'll be staring longingly at my SIZE 12 jeans....


  1. WOO HOO!!!

    Size 12?! Thats fantastic!!

    (I was one of those overweight people eating at the food court yest... Chik-fil-a with a GIANT soda- DANG IT!)

    You're doing fabulously!!

  2. I am SO SO SO happy for you. :-) I skied yesterday at Snowbird. Tons of great snow, but the visibility was poor -- windy, foggy, snowing. I'm thinking before the end of the season this year, maybe we can hit Snowbasin?? Your knees [and mine] will be able to handle it!

  3. Get the iphone app "lose it"

    I use it when going to fast food places. I can always find something within my calorie limits.

    BTW - I order the 3 or 4 pack chicken strips, small carrot and raisin salad and a large diet dr pepper at Chick Fil A. Pure joy!

    GO YOU GO!!!

  4. I knew you would have fun! Woo hoo to new jeans! $10 is great!

  5. Sporting a big smile on my face for you, that is awesome!

  6. These are NSVs that really speak to me. They describe the freedoms that you either never had or once remembered. I enjoy a good scale result as much as the next person, but to realize that you can do more or better at an activity or look better in your clothing is what really brings it home.

    Exciting stuff!

  7. That must have been a great shopping trip for you! Enjoy your new jeans!

  8. Wow! I haven't been in a 12 for years... must be nice!

  9. Connie, you are my hero! Can't wait to be in your shoes or shall I say, size 12 pants... That sounds wrong doesn't it?


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