Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 13:

Today's Weight:    200.6
Yesterday's:           200.6
RELEASE:            0 pounds
Total Release:       12 pounds

Week One Released:     9.2 pounds 4.4 %
Week Two Released     2.3 pounds

Crap.  I want to leave the 200's behind sooooo badly!  Maybe tomorrow.....

I just finished reading Ali Vincent's book Believe It, Be It.  (My copy for sale on ebay) What an inspiration she is!  I love her determination and her positive attitude.  In the book she talks about wanting to start a program to help kids (and specifically young girls) learn about health and fitness since most schools have eliminated GYM from the curriculum. As much as I hated gym class as a kid....I can't believe that it's been cut!  I'm committed to making sure my kids are active and participate in sports. I loved reading all of the behind the scenes stuff from the show!  Ali is an amazing woman and I really look up to her.

Tara Costa from The Biggest Loser 7 has encouraged her fans to find a contestant on this seasons show that you identify with and to compete with them.  I looked at all of them and Melissa is my girl!  She's 39 just like me, has two great kids and feels like she's set a bad example for them.

Melissa now.

Start : 233 pounds

Wk 1: 214 pounds  19 pounds 8%


  1. Can't wait to watch Biggest Loser with you this season! :)

    I haven't chosen any favorites yet. I'll let you know...

    Have a good day and don't be discouraged today about no loss. Eat well today and kick butt tomorrow! :)

  2. I bet you have another big loss tomorrow. Didn't use lose .2lbs one day last week and then follow it with a 1.6lb loss or so? I bet you are under 200 tomorrow for sure!

  3. Darn! I really thought you'd be below 200 today. I even thought about you last night, thinking you should weigh yourself and call me before bed. Are you supposed to have cream in your coffee? Just curious.

    Tomorrow's the day. I can feel it!

  4. I am at 200 exactly this morning and I also cannot wait to see the wonderful number "1" beginning my weight. It'll feel so good just to know you are in the 100s, even if it is in the upper end of them.

    Yes, it's sad that many schools don't emphasize PE. I liked PE in high school and elementary but not middle school. Elementary PE was fun with lots of games. And high school PE was mostly unstructured activity like volleyball or basketball or laps, your choice, but middle school was like boot camp. It sucked.

  5. I'm doing a happy dance for you b/c you're totally going to be under 200 tomorrow!!! Ya, you may have wanted it today, BUT look how far you've come!

    I had to catch up on yesterday's post. Late last night I realized I hadn't checked in on you, and was wondering how you were doing. You're doing great.

    Doesn't that just make you want to slap hubby??? You've been doing all this work and he just loses 8 pounds like that!? That's how my hubby is. I'd like to slap him for it sometimes too.

    I'm loving the Biggest Loser. But I just realized a few minutes ago that American Idol starts next week, and it will be on at the same time! We don't have cable {or TiVo} and only the TV in the living room gets any channels. :( That means I'll probably be missing Biggest Loser, b/c my family will overrule me. I'll have to get recaps from you!

  6. I love the Total Released instead of Pounds Lost. I always figure if I lost them, Id find them again. But if you're releasing them, you're letting them go.

  7. Hope you see the 100s tomorrow! I cant wait to get there but I have a ways to go!

  8. Congrats you are doing so good and I know you will be below 200 very soon!

  9. Almost below 200, I'll be checking back tomorrow because I think you will reach it tomorrow!

    Good luck!

  10. Almost there! It's such a milestone when you reach the point where you don't see that damn '2' in front of your weight anymore...I can't wait until you feel it. :)

    Good luck, drink lots and lots of water today.

  11. OH! you are SO close!!!

    you'll get there this week!

  12. Think of how awesome it'll feel when you step on the scale tomorrow and weigh in under 200!!

    You've had to wait/weight for it, but it'll be sooo worth it!

  13. As they say in The Waterboy - "You can do it!" Here's to a release tomorrow!

  14. You'll get there. Crossing fingers for you.

    My boys have gym memberships - at our gym they have a whole seperate section and when they are there they have to take part in one class before they can play/watch tv/play games. They get upset if they miss their class - they love it. :-))

    We don't have BL here so I'm always clueless on that one. LOL

    You're in my thoughts.



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