Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 11:Release Me

Today's Weight:    202
Yesterday's:           202.2
RELEASE:              .2 pounds
Total Release:          10.6 pounds

Week One Released:     9.2 pounds
Week Two Released      .9 pounds

I was reading the blog of someone on this protocol and she says that she is releasing weight. I loved the idea of this and then on my way to see Dr. Cindi yesterday (appointment went great...she's very happy with my progress) this song came on the radio and it was so fitting!  To release means to Let Go....I am letting go of this weight, this fat, these bad habits and my old way of life!  I sang this song to my food boyfriend!

Come on baby, come on baby
You knew it was time to just let go
'Cause we want to be free
But somehow it's just not that easy
Come on Darlin', hear me Darlin'
'Cause you're a waste of time for me
I'm trying to make you see
That baby you've just got to release me
Release me
Release me
I'm not going back to you anymore
Finally my weakened heart is healing though very slow
So stop coming around my door
'Cause you're not gonna find
What you're looking for

Waist:          36    in.......34.25 in    1.75 inches
Hips:            45    in.......43 in         2 inches
(*)(*)            41    in........40.25 in    1.75 inches
Up Thigh:     21.75 in...... 21 in          .75 inches
Lw Thigh:     20.25 in......19.5 in        .75 inches
Calf:            17.25 in......17 in           .25 inches
Bicep:          12.75 in......12.25 in       .5 inches

Blood Pressure: 124/80
BP 10 days in:   116/80 


  1. Great Job Connie....Keep it up!! xx

  2. So how long does this last? Is there a set time to be on it or is it until you feel you have reached your goal? I am very impressed with your progress. You must be feeling great!

  3. I'm sorry I scared you so much...but as you are seeing with your losses this week compared to last, I wasn't exaggerating. :(

    Keep it up though...you will be so happy with your new body in a few weeks. :)

  4. Connie you are doing great! 10 pounds is awesome. Keep up the good work. I like the releasing the weight idea.


  5. Was it Roy Orbison (though I think his was a cover of a prior singer) who sang "Please Release Me...let me go...for I don't love you anymore".

    I like "Released"...should ejected, catapulted, shedded, work.

    Oh..I know..."Evicted"...the fat that was an unwelcome tenant...I'm a landlord too...I might have to start using that!

    Oh yeah...congrats!

  6. Ahhh, I'm releasing the weight. It sounds so therapeutic and less stressful to accomplish!

  7. Love the idea of "releasing" as opposed to "losing". We have to "release" anything we don't want in our life. It's a conscious choice. We don't "lose" it.
    BODA lose weight

  8. Ahh, yes, RELEASE. This word just conjures up good feelings unlike lost which implies I want to find it again... NOT! Keep on truckin', Girlfriend :)

  9. Im going to have that song stuck in my head all day now...

    Pounds and inches...awesome!!

  10. You always seems to find songs I like too :)

    I'm impressed with your progress Conny!


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